At Joni's Pet Salon we love what we do and we think it shows.  We want to make you and your special pet as comfortable as possible during your grooming visit.

We know grooming can be stressful emotionally and physically especially for the young and inexperienced, the elderly, the nervous and anxious pets.  We want to alleviate as much stress and anxiety as we can so we provide an environment that is comfortable and relaxing with lots of affection, attention and a gentle touch.

We evaluate each pet on an individual basis and provide either a kennel free play environment, a quiet room or a private kennel based on your and your pet's needs and wants.   We try to accommodate every request.

Your satisfaction with our work is important as well.  We will consult with you beforehand to discuss your expectations and what is best for your pet, taking into consideration your lifestyle, pet's breed, coat condition and your preferences.

We will offer our expert opinion and best advice regarding your pet's comfort level, our abilities and reasonable pricing.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet that is unhealthy, infested with parasites, aggressive or unruly. Your pet is required to be current on vaccinations particularly the kennel cough vaccine, Bordetella.