A Full-Service Pet Grooming Salon

Our mission is to provide exceptional pet grooming while creating a comfortable, stress free process for both pet and owner. 


Grooming can be very stressful for dogs and cats­ - especially puppies, kittens and elderly pets. We make understanding this stress our highest  priority. 


In order to reduce stress, Joni’s Pet Salon offers a kennel-optional environment. Additionally, we provide aromatherapy, massage and a lot of affection.   Joni’s Pet Salon further tries to reduce stress level by limiting the time your pets are required to stay with us. We work by appointment and, whenever possible, work straight through the grooming process. Conversely, if your pets enjoy our company and the opportunity for socialization, they may stay as long as they wish.  We provide fresh water, bedding, and a small, fenced-in potty area for their comfort.


Joni's Pet Salon caters to pets with special needs, and we invite geriatric pets and inexperienced puppies and kittens. We offer our best advice and expert opinion regarding your pet's comfort level. Our ethics, and reasonable competitive pricing, provides you with the best grooming experience possible.


We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet that is aggressive, unruly, unhealthy, or infested with parasites.


We are a full-service grooming salon for canines and felines.


  • We utilize a high-tech, warm water shampoo disbursement system that deep cleans, exfoliates, and provides the benefits of a warm water massage. 
  • Our basic baths include a wash, a fluff dry, and a brush and comb. 
  • If necessary, Joni’s Pet Salon offers ear hair plucking, trimming the paw pads, and trimming the pelvic area in a sanitary fashion.
  • Nails are clipped and filed. 


All of the above services are included in basic baths. An all over haircut would constitute a full groom.


Joni's Pet Salon is skilled in all facets of pet grooming, and is proficient in breed-specific clips. We are pleased to attempt all special requests and custom haircuts. We will tailor our work to best flatter your pet's assets, hide flaws and celebrate your pet's individual conformation.                                                                                        

We offer a multitude of shampoos and conditioners including, but not limited to, hypo-allergenic, Chamomile oatmeal, whitening, deep cleansing, and conditioning.  There may be an extra fee for medicated shampoos.



Our fees vary based on the size of your pet, as well as the type, condition and length of its coat. As most of our costs are based on labor, it is very difficult to provide an exact price.  The prices listed below are approximate. Final price will be determined upon examination.


Full grooming


Small....................... $45 - $50

Medium  ................. $50 - $65

Large......................  $65 - $80





Small....................... $18 - $25

Medium................... $25 - $45

Large......................  $45 - $60




We do offer bathing as a service for cats; however, for most cats this is an uncomfortable and stressful procedure.  We prefer not to bathe cats unless they are comfortable with the process and/or it is a necessity. We do not offer flea dips nor do we offer flea baths for cats.  There are many products available from your veterinarian as pesticides.



Full haircut and bath................ $60 - $65

Haircut without bath................ $45 - $50

Bath and brush short hair........ $35

Bath and brush longhair.......... $35 - $50



(There may be extra charges for de-matting)



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